Sylvia Lesniewski is a printmaking artist also known as Sylvski. She was born in Canada and has Polish roots. She completed her BFA (Honours) at the Queen’s University in Kingston and her MFA focusing in Printmaking at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland. Sylvia worked as the laboratory technician at the Studio of Lithography and Graphics’ Promotion at the Academy in Poland. As well as, she worked as an office assistant, work exchange program at Open Studio in Toronto.  

Sylvia’s artistic practice is focused in printmaking techniques such as lithography, intaglio, and woodcut. Her artwork portrays ornament and decorative style which are drawn from her studies of nature, architecture, and imagination.



Artist: Print - Draw - Paint


02_slesniewski_Man Engulf_Litho_Ed. 1_22.5_ x 27_ copy.JPG